Should I seal my paving?


On the completion of your paving, it is strongly recommended the paving is cleaned and sealed with a reputable sealing product that is suitable for limestone based paving products. The choice of sealer is dependent on what could potentially impact your paving and the finished look you are after:

  • Penetrating sealers will stop/repel any potential stain from entering the paver without altering the appearance of the paver, however the surface may still become scuffed and require cleaning to restore its appearance.
  • Surface sealers, generally acrylic, provide a strong surface barrier between the paver and any potential staining. The application of this particular sealer will result in pulling the colour to the top of the paver giving a slightly darker appearance and leaving a low gloss sheen. These types of sealers may create a slip hazard when the paver is wet, so it is strongly advised to incorporate a Slip Resistive Additive (SRA) into the sealer prior to application.
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