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When it comes to entertaining in the evenings, you want lights to make your outdoor area shine. What if there was a way to light up the driveway, walkways, alfresco area and even the swimming pool surrounds, from the ground up? With Mondo Paving Lights you can – creating an inviting and sophisticated ambience so you can make the most of your outdoor area day and night, and entertain family and friends all year round. Offering a practical and stylish way to illuminate your outdoor area, Mondo Paving Lights are not only energy efficient and safe – they really deliver that wow factor to any space. Today we look at just some of the benefits of installing Mondo Paving Lights among the limestone pavers in your outdoor area.

Setting the mood

Lighting can have a dramatic influence on the ‘feel’ and mood of any space. Mondo Lights offer a contemporary lighting solution that will add style and sophistication to your dinner parties and backyard barbecues.

Added safety

Whether you’re entertaining guests or stepping out for a midnight dip in the pool, you need lighting to light your way. Torches and solar lights are only a temporary solution, while floodlights are often harsh, attract insects and bugs, and won’t always light your way down a garden path. Mondo Paving Lights are embedded in pre-moulded limestone pavers, offering a sleek and effective lighting option customised to your property.

Home security

Lighting up the outdoor area of your property can provide added security for your home. Outdoor lighting such as paving lights can reduce the risk of trespassing or theft by keeping the property illuminated and less attractive to unwelcome visitors.

Design and decorative appeal

Mondo Paving Lights aren’t your everyday lights. They feature an impressive 21 modes including strobe, flash and fade, and they provide a combination of colours including white, red, blue and green.

Energy efficient and hardy

Despite their many functions, Mondo Paving Lights are low voltage and energy efficient, using up to 90% less energy than tungsten lighting. They’re also very low heat, making them safe for use around children, pets and plants. Our lights are fully sealed in stainless steel housing, waterproof and feature toughened glass making them ideal for high traffic areas.


Being embedded into the limestone paver, Mondo Paving Lights look like a complex, high-end lighting solution. But they’re actually very easy to install using DIY plug and play technology, or the Australis Pavestone team can help. Mondo Paving Lights also come with optional remote control operation for maximum convenience.

Mondo Paving Lights are exclusive to Australis Pavestone and come with a 12-month replacement warranty* and a rated operational time of up to 50,000 hours, which is approximately 15 years. Each Mondo Paving Light is 100mm x 100mm in overall size, with a glass top 10mm thick and overall depth of 70mm.

To light up your outdoor area or for more information about Mondo Paving Lights, visit our website or contact us here at Australis Pavestone today.

*Conditions apply

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